Day 14/30 Juice Fast

What 's been going on the last 2 weeks

4/10/2022 3 min read

Today is day 14 of my 30 day juice fast. I cannot believe I have lasted this long on the fast. 12 years ago, I did a 3 day juice fast, but nothing since. I am feeling great! What has kept me on track is batch making my juices for 3 days at a time, daily accountability on Tik Tok, Instagram and FB stories, as well as daily mindset exercises ala Mel Robbins.

My daughters birthday was on day 9. I had made cupcakes for a class and got many compliments on them. Leftovers were sent home and they were so tempting. We had also gone out to dinner that night and had cake when we got home. We, meaning the rest of the family, not myself. Additionally, I went to a birthday party last night and avoided all temptations. To be honest, i didn't even want it. I've made it this far and I do not want to ruin it. I also learned about refeeding syndrome. Refeeding syndrome appears when food is introduced too quickly after a period of malnourishment. Shifts in electrolyte levels can cause serious complications, including seizures, heart failure, and comas. In some cases, refeeding syndrome can be fatal. I definitely do not want to risk that for a moment of indulgence. It's important to gradually break your fast. You should not plan a big meal or your favorite meal the day after your fast is complete. You should absolutely, take your time breaking a fast. It is recommended that for every 2-3 days of fasting, you should take 1 recovery day. Since I will be fasting for 30 days, I will be taking 10-15 days to break my fast. I will do that in 3 day phases, gradually reintroducing foods. For more information on how to safely break an extended fast, check out this article by Dr. Jockers.

I start every day with a lemon ginger concentrate that I make added to 16oz. water. Followed by 16oz. straight celery juice. After that I will have 3-4 more 16oz juices throughout the day. Anything from carrot, pineapple, honeydew, pear, watermelon, etc. On day 11, I was really craving something savory. I did have 16oz. of vegetable broth and 8oz. on day 12. It was enough to take off the edge. I have walked on my treadmill everyday for 45 minutes @15% incline. Additionally, before I decided I was going to fast for 30 days, I had committed to a Burpee Challenge for the month of April. So starting April 1, I've been doing 22 burpees everyday. The first week, I did basic burpees. I'm currently in week 2 and I've added a jumping jack to each burpee. Each week, I will add something extra to the burpee to make it more challenging.

I have lost a total of 12.8 pounds as of this morning and I am feeling great. My clothes are fitting waaaay better and my confidence has also improved. I've got 2 more weeks left of this fast and I'm feeling optimistic. Looking forward to my 30 day results, my refeed period and getting back to full meals. I love cooking vegan food and can't wait to get back to it. I have been spending a lot of time on Tik Tok and Instagram collecting tons of recipes I'd like to make after this fast.